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20+ travel destinations for 2021

by Teresa Mestre 22 December 2020 654Views 8 Share

Wondering where to go in 2021?


We live in a beautiful world, and, although there are people who prefer to stay at home, this article is for the ones who enjoy traveling and seeing the wonders of our world.


Yeah, we know 2020 hasn’t been (by far) the greatest year but we like to keep positive soooo what better to end the year planning great adventures for 2021?!


After searching around the web for the best world destinations, we came up with a list of 20 summer and winter destinations that you can start planning NOW! These are based on safety, costs, food, cuisine, and, of course, scenic beauty, to make these into the perfect vacation getaways.


Also, we added up a few tips from Mobrand’s teams, describing the trips they most enjoyed abroad and in Portugal, and also their dream destinations! 


So, picture yourself packing a bag, eagerly counting down the days to the flight, grabbing your passport, and going on another adventure! You might even forget about something essential like a phone charger, your headphones, or even the anti-theft bag your grandma gave you! But it’s ok because you are about to enter a new journey!


If you have extra vacation days or airline reward miles that are about to expire, these are some of the best choices for this year.


Penang, Malaysia

Penang it’s located on the northwest side of the Malay Peninsula and it’s one of the 13 states that make up Malaysia, in Southwest Asia.


If you’re a food lover this is the place to go. The food culture is nothing like you’ve ever experienced – many of the best food dishes are either steamed in or served in pandan leaves.


It all seems to culminate in Penang’s many central markets and restaurants making it a hub for spices and cuisine from many different regions like India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


Other activities may include hiking the Panang National Forest, going to the island’s beach resorts or exploring the cultural museums and architecture in George Town, the capital.


Best Time to Visit: November to January


Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is a darn beautiful place and makes for a wonderful winter destination too. 


The city has a large range of things to do and if you visit when there’s snow you are in for a magical treat.


While staying here you can know more about the city by exploring Raekoja plats (Old Town Square), the City Museum, the Town Wall, and the Estonian Maritime Museum.


We can also name a few viewpoints you cannot miss: Kohtuotsa, Patkuli, and Piiskopi.


Best Time to Visit: March to August


Bali, Indonesia

Due to its beauty, Bali has always been a top travel destination, but even so, you can still find some hidden gems away from the main tourist spots.


One of these gems, where you’ll be able to find peace and quiet is Nusa Lembongan, located off the southwest coast of Bali, in the Nusa Penida district.


You won’t have to worry about any busy roads since there isn’t any traffic on the island.


This is also a great dive destination. One of the main tourist attractions is the underwater Big Buddha which, although it has been sunk by locals as a business attraction, is still an amazing place for snorkeling and underwater photography.


Best Time To Visit: May to September


Riga, Latvia

Riga it’s a great city to visit in Europe, with amazing food and a lot to do like visiting museums, walking the beautiful parks, heading up to St. Peter’s Church and lots more.


We can resume Riga in three great categories.


Architecture and history for the astonishing city skyline, where the timeless Gothic spires mingle with the fantastic Art Nouveau facades on the grand boulevards.


Bread, beer, and Balsam with a starting point at the fabulous Central Market for the sausage, cheese, black bread, smoked fish, and much more.


Wash these down at the local brewpubs and bars across town with intriguing local beers or cocktails with the mysterious Riga Black Balsam.


Besides having enough to keep you busy for days, it’s also small enough for easy day trips to the beautiful Latvian countryside with its fairytale castles, romantic vistas, and adventure sports.


Best Time to Visit: May to August


Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

If you want to get out of the city stress and be able to catch the sun, go on boat rides, and swim with exotic fish, Ko Phi Phi islands are the place to go.


Mostly uninhabited, it is the second-largest island of the small Phi Phi archipelago.


Maya Bay is the only beach of Ko Phi Phi and is comprised of all the postcard clichés like clear crystal waters, white sand powder, and lush tropical vegetation.


There is a lot to say about this amazing island so let us give you a couple of search starting points:


Beach – Maya Bay & Moo Dee Bay

History & Nature – Viking Cave

Snorkeling & Diving – Bamboo island, Shark Point, Anemone Reef, and the King Cruiser Wreck

Rock climbing – Krabi Province

Thai cuisine – Pum’s Thai Cooking School


Best Time To Visit: November to April


Auckland, New Zealand

Although Wellington is New Zealand’s capital, Auckland is the largest city in the country and is situated between two major natural harbors, making it a great hub for exploring other areas.


Hike and explore Mount Eden – or Maungawhau – a volcanic mountain that offers a fantastic viewpoint of the coastline.


Auckland is also known for its range of stunning white and black sand beaches that vary according to past volcanic activity in the area.


You can go there for day trips and surfing and they’re just minutes away!


Best Time to Visit: March to May and September to November


Island of Skye, Scotland

The picturesque and rugged landscape of Skye makes a perfect laid back vacation spot.


If you’re into hiking or walking, camping or bird-watching, this is the place to get away and get lost among medieval castles and quiet fishing villages.


You can tour the many museums and two medieval castles and get to know the rich history of Skye.


The town of Portree has a network of coastlines, peninsulas, mountains, and grassy swales making it the hub of the island.


Best Time to Visit: May – June


Sa Pa, Vietnam

Located in the Hoàng Liên Son Mountains and popular for its terraced rice fields, built into the sides of the hills, it makes for an awe-inspiring view and peaceful holiday destination.


Locals, a mix of several different hill tribes, let you experience Vietnam in a way that visiting Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City just can’t accomplish. 


Explore the Buddhist temples, scenic waterfalls, and Fansipan, the tallest mountain in Indochina.


Best Time to Visit: March to May, and September to November


Bad Gastein, Austria

Bad Gastein is a pretty fantastic resort in Austria with 208km of slopes perfect for you skiers and snowboarders, with runs for beginners through to the most advanced. 


Are you feeling the adrenaline?


If you’re not very adventurous or you want the perfect after-mountain relaxation time, just head to the 600m2 spa to completely forget about the cold winter.


Best Time to Visit: June to September


Chiang Mai, Thailand

The food is amazing but there’s something about Chiang Mai that leaves us wanting more. The city has a feel unlike any other in Thailand or Southeast Asia.


Compared to Bangkok, Chiang Mai nightlife is relatively quiet but that’s not necessarily a bad thing since you can eat and shop at the night markets.


During the daytime, the nearby mountains offer hiking and day trips away from the city.


If you need the internet to work or just to share your travel photos, you’d like to know this is also the place for you since Chiang Mai is the digital nomad epicenter with reliable internet infrastructures.


Just be aware the farmers do burn their fields at certain times of the year and it can create hazy conditions. 


Best Time to Visit: November to February


Banff, Alberta, Canada

Banff is a small town nestled in the northern portion of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada.


If you’re not from Canada, you probably never heard of it, and that’s what makes it so special.


Looking for the perfect family vacation? This is the perfect destination for you. The downtown area is lined with château-style hotels, restaurants, and small boutiques.


You can enjoy the abundant activities available.

Skiing Mount Norquay, riding the Banff Gondola up Sulphur Mountain, swimming the cities upper hot springs, hiking, climbing, bike riding, and walking trails are endless.


Best Time to Visit: June to August and December to March


Kruger National Park, South Africa

Located in the northeast corner of South Africa, on the border with Mozambique, Kruger National Park covers an astonishing 20.000 Km brush plains, mountains, grasslands, and forests.


Elephants, Zebra, Lions, Cheetahs, and Rhinos are some of the hundreds of different species of safari animals you can find there.


There are great photo opportunities for both wildlife and scenery everywhere.


Day trips into the park start at daybreak and they’re usually made on open-air vehicles. Since the trips last all day the opportunities for sightseeing are endless.


Best Time to Visit: March to October


Bled, Slovenia

Although most people visit this location in the summer, it is actually during the winter that it is less crowded and the most magical destination.


If you choose this location you might want to consider staying at Grand Hotel Toplice, which has an amazing thermal pool. If you’re into sports, check around the lake and you’ll also find several hiking spots.


Best Time to Visit: May to September


Golden Triangle, India

Head over to India if you want to change the cold winter for lots of heat..from the sun but also the food!


The Golden Triangle route its one of the best experiences where you’ll be able to visit Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.


Best Time to Visit: from October to mid-April


Prague, Czech Republic

With a lot to see around the city, Prague is a great destination all year round. 


It’s affordable hotels, cheap beer, food options, and beautiful cafes make this an amazing and incredibly photogenic destination.


If you’re into nature then you’ll have to go for a hike and see part of the stunning Bohemian Switzerland and Saxon Switzerland National Parks.


Best Time to Visit: May and September


Athens, Greece

You could stay in Athens for weeks and still miss a lot about the city, its history, or what Ancient Greece had to offer.


The eternally famous Acropolis is at the center of the city and casts just a glimmer of light into the historical aspects that surround the city itself. 


There are many other enjoyable activities, outside of the historical aspects of Athens, such as shopping, the booming nightlife, and the unmatched world cuisine.


You can’t beat Athens when it comes to choosing a destination both fun and historical.


Best Time to Visit: from April to June.


South Tyrol, Italy

By the Austrian border, this Italian mountain range is a feast for everybody’s eyes with its iconic peaks, being the highest Marmolada, with an altitude of 3343 m. We’re talking about the Dolomite.


Sunny and snowy in the winter but at the same time, a cool refuge from Italy’s heat in the summer, here the temperatures rarely top 25ºC so it’s perfect for an active summer break.


Best Time to Visit: May, June, or autumn.


Maldives, Maldives

Relax in the exotic paradise of the Arabian Sea, the Maldives, a coveted vacation destination, and the ultimate beach destination, perfect for a winter break.


These are a cluster of 1.190 islands small islands, with temperatures rounding up to 29ºC, 90 of which are tourist resorts comprised of atolls. 


Each atoll adds to a variety of vibrant coral reefs overflowing with lush underwater life including fish, whales, dolphins, and sea turtles. Just avoid the monsoon season.


Best Time to Visit: mid-December through early May


Berlin, Germany

This is a winter city with a lot of things to do from visiting museums, enjoying local beer, trying the local food – currywurst, exploring the East Side Gallery, exploring the wintery parks.


Other great city attractions are the many awesome nightclubs where you can go partying. And you also have Oktoberfest!


Here’s a small to-do tour list for 3 days in Berlin:

Day One: from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate

Day Two: between Charlottenburg Palace and the Gedächtniskirche

Day Three: Berlin Wall and surrounding neighborhoods


Best Time to Visit: May to November


Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a country full of contrasts, a place where fire and ice co-exist, and insanely beautiful with Reykjavik as it’s capital.


There you can learn about Iceland’s Viking history at the National and Saga museums, visit the incredible concrete church Hallgrimskirkja or the Blue Lagoon, one of the geothermal hydro-mineral examples of the island’s volcanic activity.


And what about the northern lights? The best way to enjoy the Aurora is by setting sail from the harbor but if you’d rather stay inland head to Vík, the black sand beach, and watch the night sky light up.


Best Time to Visit: late September



And where did Mobrand’s team members traveled to or love to visit in the future?

Check it out!


HR team

Head of People

My best trip in Portugal was no doubt to Açores! The landscapes were just breathtaking, the food was awesome and I felt like there was so much more to visit… 


My dream destination would probably be Cuba! First of all, I think Cuba stopped in time and I would love to visit before it turns into another modern world country! And I am fascinated by their culture, food and those old cars! 


Tech team

Front-end developer

Well, I am a wine lover, so the best trip I ever did was definitely to the south of France, Bordeaux! The food was amazing and the wine was even better. It’s a gastronomic paradise!


In Portugal, I think the best place I visited was the Gerês natural park, the main reason being nature, obviously.


My dream trips would be riding through the Portuguese “Costa Vicentina”, camping everywhere I could to enjoy the landscapes, and abroad I would say a road trip throughout the South American east coast, Chile, Peru Mexico.



My trip to São Miguel (Azores) was simply amazing. The perfect combo of good food, perfect landscapes, and…the overall environment.


Dream trip in Portugal has to be a road trip across “Nacional 2”, it’s kind of our own route 66. This is the longest route in Portugal – a mythical road that runs through the country from North to South from Chaves to Faro. It is the ideal pretext for discovering the best in my country.


Abroad I’ll have to say I loved Barcelona, it’s a beautiful city. 

And my dream trip has to be to Seul. Being a tech guy I have a tremendous curiosity about getting to know this technological capital and the overall Korean culture.


Sales team

Head of Sales

A great destination is also made by whom you share it with. I went to Gerês, Portugal, with some friends and we got to enjoy great food and the house we got was just breathtaking.


From the places I’ve been abroad I have too many favorites, it’s a bit hard to choose, but I might say Argentina or Cambodia for their food and culture.


I have two dream trips, both of them away from Portugal.

One is route 66, by van or moto. The landscape is amazing and the regions that surround it are too.


And then, last but not the least, French Polynesia. The images speak for themselves – nature, silence, ocean, and privacy… sounds amazing.


Business Developer

For me, it was for sure Mexico! I went to Oaxaca during the period of “Los Muertos” and it was something crazy, the culture there is just amazing! Usually, people talk about Mexico because of the beaches, but in my case, it was all about the culture and the people!


In Portugal, I would say Vila Nova de Milfontes, mainly because of the music festival “Músicas do Mundo”. My dream destination in Portugal is Viana do Castelo! 


Account Manager

Another Azores lover here! The volcanic origin gives place to some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen…it’s pure nature.


Abroad I loved Rome for its history, art, and food… I’m crazy about the Italian flavors.


My dream trips would be to Argentina and Gerês! Hope to cross these out of my list soon!


Communication team


My best trip is a difficult one to choose, but I would say South Brasil because of nature, food, and culture. It’s not the typical Brasil with amazing beaches and warm water.


In Portugal, I would pick Odeceixe, a local beach town in the Costa Vicentina, where you can surf some amazing waves and truly relax. 


My dream trip would be to New Zealand because of the landscapes. I’m a massive fan of Lord of the Rings so I just couldn’t let this one swing by!


In Portugal, I would say Gerês natural park!



Best trip so far? Definitely Croatia!! I went on an amazing road trip north to south with a couple of friends in 2018, and I had the time of my life! I visited the most beautiful islands, beaches, and the lovely waterfalls of Krka’s National Park. It was just unforgettable!


The trips I need to cross off my check list are to Gerês, Azores, and the whole American continent, north to south…or the other way around ahah



Well, sounds like Azores and Gerês are at Mobrand’s top destinations in Portugal. And South America is also on the top of the foreign destinations.


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