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Mobrand is an ad:tech company, focused on providing quality SaaS tools to the market.

Miguel GomesMiguel Gomes

Focused on brand growth & recognition, product communication, and events.
Miguel is passionate about music, sports & traveling.

Shifting to online events
Sara SantosSara Santos

Focused on collections, liquidity, and risk analysis, Sara is passionate about crossfit, loves going to the beach, and traveling.

Covid 19 impact in the mobile ad tech industry companies
Luis FradeLuis Frade

Luis is passionate about business, technology and big-data.
On his free time he enjoys doing sports and reading books.

IDFA is dead, what’s the future ahead for MMPs?
Bradley FerreiraBradley Ferreira

Focused on sales and client relationship management, Bradley is passionate about sports, binging series, and video games.

My starting experience in the mobile ad industry
Bruno PereiraBruno Pereira

Passionate about people, technology, strategy & business, he has a hacking mindset, he's a dreamer, an achiever, a multitasker & team player.
Petrolhead, music artist wannabe, airsoft leader, sports addicted & wine lover.

Hiring process 2020: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Rui MateusRui Mateus

Rui is crazy about technology.
He loves the little details that make the big ideas work!
He follows the motto nulla dies sine linea which means keep improving yourself!

Introducing OfferTest V2
Iraida MamedovaIraida Mamedova

Focused on sales and advertisers relationship management.
Iraida is inspired by people, nature, and exploring new places.

Quinoa bowls recipe!
Pedro TorresPedro Torres

Passionate about creating, developing, and flourishing business relationships from scratch! Using empathy, trust, and transparency to achieve goals, and desired results.
Remember, an issue today its a problem tomorrow... so you better solve it now!

Mobrand & Trackier partnership
Carlos GomesCarlos Gomes

Happy braving a mountain or the rocky terrain of AdTech, Carlos can always be found creating new partnerships or building on existing ones.
Problem Solver at heart, he’ll fix anything or break it trying.

Introducing OfferManager
Teresa MestreTeresa Mestre

A restless creative focused on delivering the best content for the Marketing and Tech teams, providing Mobrand’s clients the best user experience in beautiful interface designs. On her own time, Teresa is a (crazy) cat lady, loves a good dawn run and dancing to techno music.

20+ travel destinations for 2021