Automation is the key to success!

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Automation is the key to success!

by Teresa Mestre 6 October 2020 791Views 12 Share

We all think our offers work until we hit a big blank screen staring back at us. This is when we realize: “I’m losing money here”.


At Mobrand we value transparency since it enables better informed and more accurate decisions, that will directly impact your revenues and, therefore, your company, so we constantly strive to perfect the products we deliver to our clients.


Besides OfferTest’s manual interface, which is a simple solution for smaller clients or the occasional offer validation, we also allow the opportunity to automate the process through an API integration.


This solution makes it easier to test offers in bulk but, on one hand, it can be a bit more time-consuming to set up, and, on the other hand, you might need some coding skills or work directly with a tech team to complete the integration.


We realized this feature was valuable but not all our clients were able to take advantage of it, due to technical limitations.


Thus, OfferTest Connect was “born”, bringing you all the power of OfferTest with an innovative user interface and the capability to automate your testing according to your own rules. So, the same integration solution with a new and improved design.


And the best thing?

All of this in a couple of simple steps (literally, a couple).


First, you need to connect your platform and pull your offers. For that, you only need to fill out your tracking platform’s credentials (API token and domain).


It might take a couple of minutes to pull your offers, depending on how many offers you have or how many advertisers you chose, but once they get to our dashboard you can make magic happen.


The offers will be listed displaying information like device type, offer name and icon, payout, advertisers, country, and the number of hops/redirects your offer is currently undertaking. Notice that this last information only shows after the offers were tested with OfferTest for the first time.


OfferTest Connect


The second step it’s a bit more complex but totally worth it! It’s time to set up your automation rules.


With this feature you can choose which offers are tested, at what time, and you can leave it be or change it later for some tweaking.


You can test your offers based on:

  • Advertisers
  • GEOs
  • OS
  • Payout
  • BundleID
  • OfferId


Or a mix of all of these, and then you can set up and schedule rules based on OfferTest.


The cherry on top of all of this is… actually, there are two:


  1. You can automate the actions by pausing all the offers that don’t follow the settings defined previously
  2. You can set up and schedule reports to one or more email addresses so you don’t miss out on anything.


To make the most out of OfferTest Connect and all its features you only need to get some OfferTest credits!


Isn’t this amazing? Did we get your attention?


If you want to know more about OfferTest Connect, please reach out to our Business Developer, Carlos Gomes – – and schedule a demo!


Already an OfferTest client? Just login and try it out! If you have any questions please check with Carlos or with your Account Manager.

by Teresa Mestre 6 October 2020 791 Views 12 Share
Teresa Mestre
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