Hiring process 2020: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Hiring process 2020: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Bruno Pereira 5 June 2020 635Views 42 Share

Recruitment has been evolving a lot in the last decade. Wait, wait, wait…

First, let’s just assume it has been changing and later on we can discuss or agree on its evaluation. Seems fair?

So, the baseline is that technology trends emerged in many different scenarios, the focus on the candidate dictates a few new rules, and the employment market seems to drive itself on a war for the best talent.

But what changed specifically?

It seems that nowadays we are concerned for having a smooth and fun process, full of artificial intelligence and machine learning automation and insights, fancy outputs and outstanding candidate experience mindset with smoking machines and red carpets all over the shiny office, and your company’s capacity to attract these new rockstars with everything else than the work itself.

Are we losing the big picture here? What are we trying to achieve with this? At what cost?

Sure, the process is important, but it’s not the end itself, it’s just the mean.

“Even the sun that shines the most bright, it burns on a long exposure.”

Auch!! Though one, don’t you agree? After a lot of failures and successes, I’d like to share my process framework proposition in the form of a… movie title!


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – candidate experience process!

Theoretically, technology has come to simplify our World, but the reality is that we, humans, are over-complicating its practical appliances.

Don’t take me wrong, I do love everything that helps us increase our performance but I have a huge lack of faith around tools that promise to make decisions for ourselves.

So, the Good is like they’re our personal assistants, since everything they do is automate, operationalize and do the boring tracking part of the work, freeing us, humans, to be focused on the cool performance stuff.

I mean job advertising, ATS systems and interview scheduling are a great add-on for our daily work, a huge help to keep everything running smoothly and consistently.

This kind of technology helps us focus our time on what really matters, People!

Neon letters that spell "This must be the place"

Bad is just… bad.

Wake up, your company is paying you to take your time and get to know people and collect the right data for a hiring decision. A recruiter’s job is people. Period.

How can you rely on math equations to crack a personality, motivation, or potential? What happened to the gut feeling that somehow you can’t really describe why, but deep inside you know that’s the perfect fit?

Wait, don’t insult me yet, I know we are all biased somehow, and we do make mistakes, but when we get there, it’s quite difficult to simply lose to a machine. I don’t mean that you’ll magically reach any kind of recruitment Nirvana, it’s all about the experience, curiosity, training and learning a lot.

You don’t get the right answers from the books. You need to get your hands dirty in the process and learn as much as you can from every time you fail. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

And for what I know, the Bad is AI assessments, automated background check, and rankings. Sorry to disappoint you all, but tech machines for recruitment still need two features to be useful here, context comprehension and emotional feelings.


The Ugly is perfectly related to everything you can use to improve and build a relationship with the candidates, saving your own time & effort.

I call it the Ugly because they appear to be useful, but the thing is, they don’t. It’s kinda like using cheats to complete a game. You did do it, but did you achieve it? Can you call it a challenge? Probably not.

And this is the cluster of chatbots, candidate nurturing, and pre-screening AI. Yeah, I get it. They look cool in the process but the truth is: a relationship with a bot it’s not the same thing. Do I need to go deeper into this? I think not.

Nevertheless, I will leave you with the most important consideration of recruitment, relationship. It’s all about how you connect and keep connected!

The disappointing conclusion is that there is no perfect recruitment process.

There, I just said it! It’s impossible to have a bulletproof hiring process in a one-size-fits-all format. The key is always a balance of how companies are able to connect with the candidates in a timeframe that suits both, or in another way, a simple expectations management.


So, key takeaways:

  • Hiring processes are specific for each company’s needs;
  • Serve yourself from ATS, job advertising & other facilitators;
  • Dominate the secret dark arts of recruitment, like endless curiosity, active listening, and that
  • perfect questioning timing;
  • Runaway from everything that promises to make the work for you;
  • Be real & develop truly respectful relationships.


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by Bruno Pereira 5 June 2020 635 Views 42 Share
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