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Introducing OfferManager

by Carlos Gomes 4 January 2021 583Views 28 Share

As it is known by now, at Mobrand we rely on our focus on technology to deliver the best possible experience to our clients. 


To this effect, we are constantly looking for ways to improve their workflows while keeping an ear to the ground on where we can deliver a great product.

With the increased spending in mobile marketing that we have witnessed over the last couple of years and the continuation of this trend, it’s only logical that more and more companies are going to pop up wanting a piece of the pie.


This obviously increases the number of companies anyone ends up working with, as well as the number of API feeds you have to deal with, and the amount of time picking through offers to check which ones might be appealing to your publishers.


You never know when you will nail that amazing offer that will pay for your Holiday bonus!


Our cherished beta testers demonstrated that, on average, an API feed has at the very least 50 partners sending them profitable offers. And before choosing what to actually run, they can see upwards of 200K offers on their feeds!


How are YOU dealing with this insane amount of information?


If you are spending time going through the new offers on your feeds every day, how much time are you wasting on this?


OfferManager is the ultimate campaign management software for performance marketing, allowing you to create, curate, optimize, and automate your marketing campaigns in one single platform, saving you much precious time.


So how does it work? It really is quite simple.


  1. Input offers from any platform without using any code.
  2. Set your own automation rules and automate processes based on payout, geos, number of hops, and other attributes of your offers.
  3. Sync and push to YOUR tracking platform only the offers that match your requirements, saving your precious time.

How does OfferManager work?

And that’s it. Easy right?


When it comes down to it, you’ll become more independent and you’ll definitely get a boost in your productivity. Of course, we are always adding new features to improve your workflow, but these are the basics you need to make use of the tool.


Oh, and it’s integrated with OfferTest! You can make sure your offers are running smoothly straight from OfferManager!


A couple of interesting details:

– We are already connected with virtually all third-party trackers and adding custom trackers every week. No need to worry if you don’t see that partner you love working within our system, just hit us up and ask for the integration! It’s free of charge!


– OfferManager updates every five minutes, so you will always have the latest info on your dashboard


– You can set up a default margin for your offers per advertiser!


– You can create your own manual offers.


And a lot, lot more 😉


As of today, we’re doing a soft launch of the product so, if you want a chance to try it out, contact our Sales Team at and save a spot!


Get in touch today and allow yourself to try this exclusive tool for free, or jump right to the PRO pack with unlimited features and 5K free OfferTest credits.

by Carlos Gomes 4 January 2021 583 Views 28 Share
Carlos Gomes
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