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Mobrand & Hoqu Partnership

by Carlos Gomes 27 August 2020 703Views 13 Share

In such a competitive world, it’s nearly impossible to reach every single user that might benefit from one’s products or services. And in the AD: Tech industry we can flat out say it is, in fact, impossible.

At Mobrand, we have a deep-rooted belief that not only should we constantly strive to perfect ourselves and our products, but we should also develop strong bonds with reliable partners.

As soon as I arrived at Mobrand in June, as a business developer, I realized that our products and tools could easily bring tremendous value not only to our clients but also to other companies and their clients. 

One thing I am sure of: cooperation between companies is the key to success. 

After a quick benchmark analysis, I started approaching some companies to try and understand how we could develop some partnerships. Surprisingly, Anastasia Markina from Hoqu reached out to our CEO Luis Frade, while searching for new partners via LinkedIn, and this was how it all started.

We scheduled a meeting to understand how we could help each other and benefit from each other’s tools and expertise. 

Mobrand @ Hoqu platform

Anastasia quickly saw the value in our link checker – OfferTest – not only for its amazing features but also by the product quality compared to its price point. “Our customers would benefit so much from OfferTest!” she said.

The next step was pure strategy. Our Marketing teams joined forces to decide how to make this work: where to place OfferTest on HOQU’s platform and the eventual advantages for their clients. 

We decided to offer 10% more OfferTest credits to their users after a first pack purchase!

To give you guys a quick overview, HOQU is a Marketplace where you can list your offers and get new traffic. They’re also a SaaS solution provider with tools for creating and managing Networks, allowing their costumers to track & optimize online adverting campaigns.

They have an extremely complete platform, but as always, there is room to improve, and they realized OfferTest would fill a gap and improve the service they provide to their clients.

Why OfferTest?

  • You can easily share your test results
  • Tests don’t expire
  • You can check the redirection chain and get a screenshot
  • Best price in the market
  • Real-time feedback
  • Guaranteed results accuracy
  • Testing history reports
  • 24/7 tech support included

OfferTest screenshot

After deciding the partnership model, we defined a marketing plan to promote our new partnership to both our clients through social media and dedicated newsletters. 

It all started with a simple LinkedIn message and a 10-minute skype call but it turned into a great partnership, and we are very proud of it! 

Big thanks to Anastasia for all the support. 

Carlos and Miguel

by Carlos Gomes 27 August 2020 703 Views 13 Share
Carlos Gomes
Business Developer - SaaS
Happy braving a mountain or the rocky terrain of AdTech, Carlos can always be found creating new partnerships or building on existing ones. Problem Solver at heart, he’ll fix anything or break it trying.