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Mobrand & Trackier partnership

by Pedro Torres 11 August 2020 442Views 18 Share

In the AD: tech industry, multiple companies search for reliable partners not only to work with but also to share technology, information, and valuable insights.


In this case, with Trackier, it was even better than a regular partnership!


We met Trackier’s team at the TES Lisbon event, and we understood right away we could profit from each other’s experience and market placement.


Although they already had their own link checker – Offers Optimize – they were open to trying Mobrand’s OfferTest. Trackier soon realized they could not only learn and benefit from this partnership but also offer advantages to their clients with OfferTest.



    • Tests don’t expire
    • You can share your test result
    • There’s a screenshot feature
    • We have the best price in the market
    • You can export results easily
    • You get real-time feedback
    • We guaranteed result accuracy
    • Testing history reports
    • 24/7 tech support included

OfferTest result


The first step was easy: we integrated Mobrand’s OfferTest manual interface on Trackier’s platform and gave their clients the possibility to try it for free! Also, we gave their clients advantages on purchasing OfferTest through Trackier’s platform.


How? Trackier’s clients have 5 free test credits on Trackier’s’ platform and 5 more free credits if they go to Mobrand’s platform via Trackier.


After agreeing with the integration method and the perks, we decided to take our partnership to another level and present ourselves to each other’s clients.


To do so, our marketing team prepared a communication plan not only to promote our partnership but also the advantages of working both with Mobrand or Trackier, showcasing not only OfferTest but both companies’ products and technology.


For Mobrand, partnering with Trackier was important in terms of positioning on the Indian market giving us the possibility to showcase our products and their advantages while for Trackier, entering the European market alongside us, was also important for the same reasons.

Pedro e Giannis at TES Lisbon conference


This partnership has been a success so far and we’re confident we’ll keep growing together, providing their clients access to other SaaS tools like OfferManager and also future developments.


What started as a 20-minute meeting on a hectic environment such as TES:Cascais, evolved into a strong business partnership and a solid friendship, despite the long-distance that keep us apart.


As we said before, the best thing about partnering with good and trusted companies is knowing that on the other side there are proactive people always available to think, create, and act together.


Big thanks to Giannis, Mukul, and Himanshu for all the support.


Miguel and Pedro

by Pedro Torres 11 August 2020 442 Views 18 Share
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