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My starting experience in the mobile ad industry

by Bradley Ferreira 8 June 2020 515Views 28 Share

Throughout my academic journey, I learned about numerous different topics. Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Statistics… Honestly, I could just write an entire article on topics I learned at University.


In this article, I’ll focus on one topic that has captured my attention in the last couple of months, Advertising. More specifically, Online Mobile Advertising.


I’m going to discuss the first impressions of the mobile advertising industry when I joined Mobrand as an international account manager.


So many acronyms

Right on my first day, I was bombarded with hundreds of acronyms. CPI, CPL, CPA, KPI, CR, RR, LTV, ROI, PPC, DSP, and so much more. In the end, it was easy to learn the majority of them but as a newcomer, it was a little overwhelming.


It’s like this in all industries of course, but I remember being very frightened on the first day on the job as I was given a huge list of acronyms.


Analytical paradise

Do you love percentages? Do you like looking at huge excel files filled with different types of data? Are you passionate about graphs? Then working in an ad network is the perfect place for you. I always loved statistics and I adore starring at pretty graphs.


Working as an Account Manager I’ve gotten the privilege of analyzing millions of clicks and conversions. I find it very satisfying to analyze offers, publishers, advertisers and I’m glad to be in a position where I can use the analytical skills that I acquired in university.


Fast pace

Everything in this industry moves at the speed of light. New Advertising Technology is constantly changing the face of the market. You must be prepared to adapt, keep up, and change with the latest trends.


The evolution of the industry is not the only thing that’s fast pace but the daily tasks that you do must be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Answering partner’s queries, solving issues, optimizing feeds and offers, etc.


If you take too long with your tasks, you are guaranteed to miss out on opportunities, which means you are also missing out on making more money. The speed of things can be stressful but it’s also what makes working in this area very rewarding.


Communication, communication, communication!

You must be constantly talking. As I wrote above, the industry is very fast-paced so it is the utmost importance that you’re constantly communicating so that you can act as quickly as possible.

Talk by mail, Skype, Slack, by carrier pigeon if the situation is dire. If you struggle to talk to others or you like to leave messages on reading this definitely not the place for you.


These were the four main things I noticed during my first couple of weeks as an Account Manager. I had some expectations about my position before I joined the company it to be exactly this way, but I’m happy that it wasn’t.


I’ve gotten the chance to learn so many things in such a short time and I’m thankful that this industry is so fast-paced, has so many acronyms, forces you to constantly communicate, and lets me analyze so much data every day.


It has been a fun challenge so far and I’m looking forward to the many more challenges and learning opportunities during my Mobrand experience.

by Bradley Ferreira 8 June 2020 515 Views 28 Share
Bradley Ferreira
International Account Manager
Focused on sales and client relationship management, Bradley is passionate about sports, binging series, and video games.